The Congolese Senate received inputs to the Telecom and ICT draft bill

At the initiative of Rudi International, a group of civil society representatives came together for an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) policy workshop in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in June 2018.

A two-days’ workshop (building from a previous workshop held in Goma in June 2017) where participants had the opportunity to learn and engage into a discussion around the ICT policy landscape, look at different aspects of Internet rights in the country. Participants had the opportunity to be introduced for the first time to the African Declaration on Internet Rights whose key principles informed the discussions on the draft bill. But most importantly, they had the opportunity to study and make an in-depth analysis of the proposed Telecommunications and ICT bill which came out of the National Assembly (after adoption) on May 7th and sent to the Senate for the second reading. The government through the ICT Ministry was invited to answer questions from Senators and was able to give more light.

At Rudi International we took this opportunity to offer inputs to the new proposed law that supports citizens’ digital rights, including to privacy and data protection, freedom of expression, and access to information online. The existing Framework law No 013/2002 of 16 October 2002 on Telecommunications does not adequately address modern societal and technological realities, hence the need to come up with another one which includes aspects such as on privacy, etc. We consider this to be a positive move from the government of the DRC and look forward to engage more in this area.

Participants at the workshop in Lubumbashi

This workshop was intended at reviving momentum on the draft including calls to discuss gaps within it, hence the need to have a varied group of participants that included 15 lawyers, human rights activists, bloggers and journalists who have history in digital rights activism and advocacy work in that part of the country. At the beginning of the workshop, we got in touch with the Chair of the “Commission Infrastructure et Amenagement du Territoire” that was reading the draft law within the Senate, Senator Nenyengwe who encouraged us:

Your workshop is very important and timely as we were in need of receiving comments and inputs from end users and civil society groups. We were approached by other groups such as the private sector and received their inputs but your voice was missing. Please do send us your recommendations right after your workshop and we will take time to read and consider them for discussion in our deliberations”, he said.

Our inputs that cover/address some specific aspects of the draft law seen from an end-user’s perspective and is divided in the following sections:

  • High level comments
  • The rights and obligations of end-users of the telecom services
  • The need for a multistakeholder approach in the management of the telecom and ICT sector
  • Protection of privacy and personal data
  • The need for more attention and proper legislation covering issues of cyber security and cyber crime

Download a PDF copy of our recommendations (in French and English) bellow:

Should you be interested in learning more or partnering with us for future activities in this area, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Encourage A Mother This Year

While the tension is rising once again in the eastern cities and villages of the North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while news agencies are reporting the crossing into Congo of numerous armed rebels in the this January 2017, while the majority Congolese population continues to live in fear, trauma, and extreme poverty right in the middle of one of the potentially richest countries in the world, a group of young men and women are focusing on what the Lord God gave them to do.

They are volunteering time, energy, and other resources to point a select group of about 10 women and young ladies to the Lord Jesus and the hope He gives while teaching them a skill that would help them provide for themselves and their families.

Through the Encourage Mothers program, Rudi International, a youth-led and Christ focused non-profit organization, is running the second year of Renew Hope. This project is a response to the need of a holistic approach to solving profound and deeply rooted issues among the women and children of Lac Vert, a city where most of the participants in Renew Hope reside. Rudi International partners with Linked Through Love Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization, to make this project at all possible. Linked Through Love Foundation provides you with a way to give, to join in the work, and to learn some more about the Encourage Mothers project.

Renew Hope consists in classes where the women receive training in sewing skills. These have proven beneficial both to the first group that graduated in 2016 and to the new group that started right after them. Of the first group, Ms. Philomene testifies of her own progress and the confidence gained in one month of training:

When I first came here, everything was hard for me. From using scissors to cutting a piece of tissue, it is a long journey. The month was not too long, now I am proud to present a shirt and a dress I was able to sew. I am thankful to God and to our trainers who are putting in a lot of efforts to help us go through our first steps”.

Philomene is just one of the 10 students who are this year benefiting from the collaboration between Linked Through Love Foundation and Rudi International who are serving Jesus Christ with the immediate goal of “Improving the lives of vulnerable, at risk women by providing them marketable skills they can use to escape the restraints of poverty and/or abusive relationships, providing them independence and an ability to provide for their families.” (LTLF)

Please learn more about the program at Linked Through Love Foundation’s website where you can also choose to sponsor one or more of the women in the program.

Our Kids Visited the Goma main Harbor

As part of the end of the year activities at Rudi International in December 2015, the children who are part of the Rudi Education program visited the famous Goma harbor on the shores of Lake Kivu in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Following is a report of this wonderful experience for the children. Our gratitude goes to all of you who supported the end of the year celebrations for these children.

This trip was an innovation since we have never done a trip of this caliber before. We were able to gather 55 of the kids enrolled in the Rudi Education program. Although not everyone was able to attend due to home duties or traveling for the holiday, we still feel it was a great turn out.

It took nearly 3 hours to take the students from Lac Vert to the harbor.  The Rudi International team worked diligently behind the scenes to complete the necessary administrative paperwork and line up the tour guide so it would be a fun learning experience for everyone in attendance. Full report with images available in PDF.

Rudi Christmas Project 2015

It is that time of the year again! You can be part of what God is doing in Eastern DRC as the populations of this war-torn region of Central Africa are making progress towards peace. Following is how and why you may give joy this year to the same people.

Each December, Rudi International hosts our biggest outreach event of the year which we call our Christmas Project.  This project includes workshops and a Christmas meal for the community that feeds over 500 people.  The Rudi International team also hosts lots of organized games and activities on Christmas day for a fun celebration to bring Christmas Joy to the community.

The main part of the actual event is providing a substantial meal to several in the community while taking the opportunity to deliver to them the actual reason of the celebration which is the birth of Christ Jesus, the Only One by whose name all flesh are saved. We also deliver gifts, such as food items and some other non-foods to the parents of the children in our Education Program.

Your donation will pour hope and love into a community in Eastern DR Congo and isn’t that the best Christmas gift we can give?

Please join in and give today. Matching funds up to $500 available for those who give before December 8th 2015.