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We have been blessed with friends from all over the world. From South Africa to France, and from North Korea to the United States, people and organizations are helping us reach out to those in need in Africa. Please find us on Facebook and Twitter to read more testimonials or leave some.

The Lord has provided a couple of volunteers who visited two of Rudi International's main programs. Please enjoy Brittany's report below: https://cloudup.com/cEloGMTS4Zx

Assessment Report by Brittany

Improving the lives of vulnerable, at risk women by providing them marketable skills they can use to escape the restraints of poverty and/or abusive relationships, providing them independence and an ability to provide for their families.

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Screenshot from http://www.thecongotree.org.uk/featured/dec-2014-newsletter/

Excerpt from the TheCongoTree.org.uk Newsletter Issue 4: Dec 2014 Rudi International are running their Christmas programme again for young people and their families in the Lac Vert area of Goma: once an IDP camp but now a fixed abode for many households. This year, in addition to their celebrations and providing food on Christmas Day, they hope to increase their … Continue reading TheCongoTree.org.uk


From our friends at Adopting Divine Moments: I believe He has called me to be voice for education in the DR Congo.  Rudi International, one of the organizations I volunteer for, shared this testimony from a mother who is able to send her child to school through their program: I am thankful to God for … Continue reading Adopting Divine Moments for 12

Adopting Divine Moments for 12

When my friend asked if I could write something about why our family chose to sponsor children’s schooling through Rudi International I said yes but honestly wasn’t sure what I would write. I don’t really have a grand story to tell. There was no writing on the wall or a burning bush moment. There was … Continue reading “It’s so simple you don’t need a burning bush to explain it.” – Wendi

“It’s so simple you don’t need a burning bush to explain it.” – Wendi

33 more days left…. Only 33 more days left to meet my goal to sponsor 30 children for school in the Goma area.  Currently the Divine Moments community has sponsored almost 18 children!!  I am so excited.  Just 12 more children sponsored will meet my goal.  ANY AMOUNT HELPS and this is a ONE TIME … Continue reading AdoptingDivineMoments.com


Over the past 3 years, Rudi International has been able to provide access to education to 32 children whose parents could not afford fees for school and supplies. These children and what's left of their families live in one of the poorest communities of the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Having started with just a … Continue reading DotProducts.org


Jackson Free Press just published an article on Rudi International Co-Founder and President Alain-Daniel Wa-Baguma. You can read the full article at this link. Aside from school and church, Wa-Baguma is the president and co-founder of a nonprofit organization called Rudi International. Rudi, which is Swahili for return, is an organization, which began three years … Continue reading Jackson Free Press

Jackson Free Press

In recognition of the commitment and efforts displayed in the successful organization of a "Girls in ICT Day" event on 26 April 2012, raising awareness about fostering interests of girls and young women in opportunities offered by ICT sector, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) has awarded a certificate of recognition to … Continue reading International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)