Adopting Divine Moments for 12

From our friends at Adopting Divine Moments:

I believe He has called me to be voice for education in the DR Congo.  Rudi International, one of the organizations I volunteer for, shared this testimony from a mother who is able to send her child to school through their program:

I am thankful to God for your ministry. We are blessed and we pray for more blessings from the Lord to you and to all your friends. We will be praying for our kids to succeed at school and we will be praying for the work of your hands. May the Lod God bless you abundantly.

A mom just like me, who received a blessing from someone who said yes, I can give a little.  Someone made a sacrifice and was an answer to that mom’s prayer a continent away.  That is just how God works, which gives me a few Godbumps.  What an aroma to God?!

That is why, once again, you will see my Facebook page light up with a last rally call plea for 12 more children.  I believe God has chosen to use this earthen vessel to be a voice for this group of children.  Our kickstarter campaign through July/Aguust was a great success!  So many students are now going to school because you gave.  Unfortunately, our partner Mwangaza is lacking funds toward the close of their back to school campaign “Make a Dream come true” and there are still 12 children who need sponsored.  3 of those children have been sponsored so far as we unite together once more.  A 4th student, is just $60 away from a full sponsorship.  Any amount could make a difference in the life of a child.  If you have been thinking about sponsoring, this is the time to think about it again.  Some of you may be already sponsoring a child or are unable to give.  I ask that you please pray that God will rise up the sponsors for these children, just as He rose up Esther to deliver her people.  Mwangaza’s campaign ends September 30th so we just have 9 more days.

We each have a voice and can choose not to remain silent, standing up for those that need deliverance.  Who knows, maybe God put you into the position you are in, for just a time such as this.  To pray, to share the need on your social media and be a voice, or to give.  Or maybe it is time for you to yield and say yes to the stirrings you know He has uniquely placed on your heart.

Today, I invite you to connect here, to this place in Lac Vert, DR Congo.  Here is the secure link where you can donate:  If you would like to join our team and rally for one or more of these students you can set up your own fundraising page and join our team at this link:  Just click the blue “Join Team” button to set up your own fundraising page you can share with your network.