Linked Through Love Foundation On Renew Hope

There are women still in need of sponsorship.

Improving the lives of vulnerable, at risk women by providing them marketable skills they can use to escape the restraints of poverty and/or abusive relationships, providing them independence and an ability to provide for their families.

“When I first came here, everything was hard for me. From using scissors to cutting a piece of tissue, it is a long journey. The month was not too long, now I am proud to present a shirt and a dress I was able to sew. I am thankful to God and to our trainers who are putting in a lot of efforts to help us go through our first steps” – Philomene, new student.

This program not only teaches these women a skill that they can use to support their family, it is healing them and building their confidence back up. This training is giving them another reason to live.

This year, LTL has introduced the possibility to sponsor these women. You will receive two personalized progress updates during the program and one final update upon graduation. You can also encourage these women by sending your sponsor a letter and/or picture. Help us end the cycle of poverty and visit HERE to donate and learn more. There are women still in need of sponsorship.