Four main programs make our hobbyhorse:

  1. Rudi Education: Promote high quality education for all by providing financial or advisory support to various schools in remote areas, organizing vacation activities for children and young people.
    Our main project in this program currently provides tuition, school supplies, and uniform to more than 30 students. The majority of these students live in Lac Vert, a community recovering from war right outside of Goma, Eastern Congo.
  2. Health: Provide logistical support to local health facilities, support patients who are unable to pay medical bills, provide support to survivors of sexual violence, equip the medical personnel and organize conferences for exchange of information and experience in the medical field.
    Currently, our main project in this program is Encourage Mothers, which focuses on trauma healing for survivors of war and/or sexual violence in Easter Democratic Republic of Congo.
  3. Research: Promote scientific research in African schools and colleges for students in all scientific fields by increasing access to appropriate tools, and by supporting the creation of laboratories and libraries in learning institutions.
  4. Access to Technologies of Information and Communication: African young men and women need access to computer technologies in order to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Rudi International intends to create computer centers, to improve access and affordability of cyber cafes, and to provide schools with computers and other technology tools.
    Our main activity in this program is Rudi for Women and Girls Online, which provides workshops and seminars to women and girls to introduce them to current issues of the cyber world.

2 thoughts on “Programs

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