Meet Our Team

We are made up of volunteers who are committing time and other resources to serve the communities of Africa. At this moment most of our activities are focused in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through our actions, our words, and especially the Word of God, we strive to bring about hope based in God in a place where many had lost all hope. Please reach out here if you are interested in joining our team.

Rudi International, President and Co-Founder


Alain-Daniel Wa-Baguma is the President and Co-Founder of Rudi International.  Alain is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and making sure that the priority at Rudi is not only to educate and create opportunities for the women and children of the DRC but also to share the message of the Gospel with them.  Alain is currently based in the United States with his wife. You can read more about him here.


Arsène Tungali (@arsenebaguma) is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Rudi International. He is committed to education, leadership development, and social progress, and to seeing that Rudi is active in these areas.  Arsène is based in Goma, DRC. When he is not working at the Rudi office, Arsène enjoys blogging and educating others on internet access and freedoms, speaking at conferences and spending time with his wife.  For more on Arsène click here.

Jonas Aganze

Jonas Aganze, Logistics Manager, has been with Rudi for more than three years now. After starting as a Purchase Officer, Jonas currently helps Rudi with his organizational skills as Logistics Manager.  Outside of Rudi International, Jonas is a University student pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems.

Rocher Bahati

Rocher Bahati, Logistics Assistant, has recently joined our team as the Logistics Assistant where he assists the Logistics Manager in his duties.  He is passionate about coaching and educating children which has made him an invaluable member of our team. Rocher is pursuing his own education in Management Information Systems.

Elysée Fataki

Elysée Fataki, Administration & Finance Coordinator, has been with Rudi International since the beginning. She has brought her expertise in Finance and Accounting to volunteer with Rudi International in those areas of work. Her love for Christ and her desire to see the children and the families we serve get to know Christ has made her an invaluable member of our team.

Emmanuella Atosha

Emmanuella Atosha is integral to our team in administration and finance.  She is passionate about women’s leadership as well as promoting the education of children and women.  Emmanuella is also passionate about the love of Christ and evangelization for which we are grateful as she shares that love of Christ with the mothers in the Encourage Mothers program at Rudi.

Blaise Ndola

Blaise is our ICT Programs Coordinator. Blaise is passionate about communication, human rights, and youth participation. He has used his interests in new information and communication technologies to help share that knowledge with others.  His leadership of Rudi’s Information and Communication Technologies program has linked his passion and skills together for God’s glory.

Pascaline Imani

Pascaline is an assistant in Rudi Education where she works in partnership with the Rudi Education Coordinator.  She is passionate about the well-being of children and especially girls who have been abandoned.  Her genuine love and care for the children at Rudi has made her a valuable member of our team. When not at Rudi’s office, you may find her taking care of her beautiful family in Goma, DRC.

Ebilga Sikiri

Ebilga is an assistant in our Encourage Mothers Program where she works closely with the volunteer counselor. She is a university graduate in Clinical Psychology. She has blessed the Encourage Mothers program with her expertise in that field as she serves the mothers in that program. She is active in fighting for the advancement of women in general along with the well-being of the children. She joined our team a few years ago and her goal is to help women to take courage, stand up and move forward in caring for themselves, their family through entrepreneurship.