Want to volunteer with us?

Welcome! Karibu! Bienvenu!

Friends, there is a number of you can be part of the change we are making in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in Africa, in general. We need passionate and motivated people with skills they would like to put to use for the glory of their Creator. You can work from where you are, you don’t need to be based in the Congo to help us.

Could any of the following be true about you?

  • I have a teaching background.
  • I have computer and Internet proven skills.
  • I am a photographer genius and would like to immortalize events for Rudi International.
  • I am good at spreading the word.
  • I specialize in organization and administrative tasks.
  • I am pretty good at film editing.
  • I want to bring Rudi International to my school, neighborhood, church, city, sport club.
  • I have an idea that may help Rudi International.
  • I need a valuable reason for a mission trip to Africa.

Whether we listed your interests or not don’t hesitate to email us with “Volunteering” as Subject to info (at) rudiinternational.org or through the contact us page.

Thank you in advance!

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