Get Involved!

L'amour est patient, il est plein de bonté, l'amour. Il n'est pas envieux, il ne cherche pas à se faire valoir, il ne s'enfle pas d'orgueil. Il ne fait rien d'inconvenant. Il ne cherche pas son propre intérêt, il ne s'aigrit pas contre les autres, il ne trame pas le mal. L'injustice l'attriste, la vérité le réjouit. En toute occasion, il pardonne, il fait confiance, il espère, il persévère. L'amour n'aura pas de fin. Les prophéties cesseront, les langues inconnues prendront fin, et la connaissance particulière cessera.

There are multiple ways to get involved with Rudi International in Africa or from where you live.

Please contact us if you are a specialist in policy, IT and child protection to discuss about ways in which you can be part of our mission. Please also let us know if you would like to volunteer with us in any other capacity for multimedia, public relations, fundraising, social network advocacy, journalism, accounting, translation, or any other skills the Lord God has given you. Most of these tasks would not require you to travel to our base in Goma, DRC.

You can volunteer with us, donate to some of our projects, check on us on Facebook and Twitter or just shoot us an email with the question on your mind.

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