Initially a project under the Health Program at Rudi, Encourage Mothers became a program of its own. This program aims at improving the lives of the women in the communities we serve by providing, among other projects and activities, biblical counseling and trauma healing, literacy, and apprenticeship.

A Rudi International Program for Women

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Arsene talking to one of our beneficiaries to learn about her story
Arsene talking to one of our beneficiaries to learn about her story

The majority of the population of North Kivu in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo is victims of war and its consequences. Whenever there is any assistance from international or local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), churches, or even individuals it generally comes to meet the physical needs of the beneficiaries.

Nonetheless, when we first met the women living in this area of the Congo we realized that they all were wounded on the inside. They carried more than just physical wounds. We came to understand that many of these women have been traumatized by war and never had a chance for healing. Most of the women we spoke to are mothers of the children we serve through our Rudi Education program.

Their wounds are manifest through how they relate to their children, their husbands, for those who still have them, or the community just in general. Many of these women have lost their ability to be the joy of their community.

Moreover, while being grateful for the support provided by Rudi International and other organizations, these women have proved to become aid-dependent. To break that dependency, they need to be able to provide for themselves and their families.


To encourage Congolese women affected by the long lasting conflicts to become mothers again for their families through spiritual and psychological support and guidance as well as initiation to small-business and management.


“Encourage Mothers” is a program within Rudi International that focuses on both internal and external aspects of Congolese women affected by wars. The program has for objective to:

– Create a platform where women can freely express what is deep inside their hearts and think about appropriate solutions for themselves in consideration with their environment;

– Help organize the ideas generated through the platform into noble and attainable goals;

– Help women understand their own problems and to break the cycle of dependency to men, and to point them to God, the Provider, instead;

– Encourage women to turn their focus unto God as the main way out of the trauma, the crisis, and as Only one able to sustain healthy families and households.

Expected Outcome:

Through this program, Rudi International hopes to contribute to the spiritual and psychological regeneration of mothers for better families, households, and strong communities.

Projected Activities:

– Group counseling sessions;

– Bible study and evangelization;

– Training for craftsmanship for self-reliance;

– Forum and workshops for family oriented and women-related matters.

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