Holidays For the Kids In Lac Vert

The Children from Rudi Education say thank you!

The kids are back home for holiday.

It has been an incredible school year. We are blessed to have you partnering with us in this journey to bring some positive transformation in the Lac Vert area, in remote Goma, DRC. The kids are now waiting to have their final marks sent to them.

We will be happy to share some updates very soon. Just remember to register for our next newsletter which will be full of exciting news from our work on the ground and our friends.

What do we do during this time :

–          We reflect on the past school year while working on the next one which is starting in September,

–          We work on some updates that we will be sharing with you very soon (in the next newsletter),

–          We work on the Encourage Mothers and Rudi For Women and Girls Online programs.

What can you do during this time :

–          Watch this space as we will be putting some updates,

–          Stay connected to our main Facebook page and those of our specific programs : Rudi Education and Rudi For Women and Girls Online,

–          Share the word with your friends as we have started campaigning for our 2014 Back To School (Join the campaign #RudiBack2School14),

–          Start planning on sending back to school the child you sponsor or have your sponsored child in our education program,

–          Visit our volunteering section to learn how you can be part of our work. We would love to have you support us the way you can.

The Encourage Mothers program is still on, the mothers are keeping up with their weekly conversations.

Visit our Donations section.

Thank you.

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