The Information and Communication Technology Program of Rudi aims at improving the safe access to ICT for all of the members of the communities we serve. We accomplish this through a variety of projects that span from attending international conferences to discuss Internet governance to workshops and training provided to the youth in Africa for a safe and responsible access to the Internet and related topics.

We launched this program a few years ago when we were only focusing on young women; we then called it “Rudi For Women and Girls Online”. Our focus at that time was to incite more women to consider a career in ICT we did this through various activities.

Since 2016, we expanded our reach and started being involved in a number of other topics including:

  • Research work in Internet Freedom: in partnership with CIPESA, we produced two reports on the State of Internet Freedom in DRC (in 2016 and 2017)
  • Advocacy in Internet Freedom locally as well as globally
  • Capacity building in ICT policy and Digital security
  • Capacity building programs targeting young women (as a continuation of our original focus)

We are the only one youth-led nonprofit working in the area of ICT in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our leadership team is involved in various ICT-related events across Africa and in the world including the Internet Governance Forum, ICANN and other forums on Internet Freedom such as RightsCon (with Access Now), FIFAfrica (with CIPESA), Internet Freedom Forum (with PI Nigeria).

Our current funders/supporters include:

  • Access Now
  • Internews

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