Through this program, Rudi wants to be the leading Congolese organization working at the intersection of technology, innovation and human rights. Our objective is to improve connectivity and ensure a safe and responsible access to the Internet.

We launched this program in 2012 when we were only focusing on young women; we then called it “Rudi For Women and Girls Online”. Our focus at that time was to bridge the digital divide by inciting more women to consider a career in ICT and to try to build an online environment that is free from violence against them. We did this through a number of trainings and helping them attend ICT related events, conferences.

Since 2016, with the rise of Internet-freedom violations happening in the country, we expanded our reach and started being involved in a number of other issues, without leaving behind our initial area of work.

Rudi is currently the leading organization in the country doing:

  • Capacity building: engaging human rights activists and the ordinarily citizen to understand their rights and be in a position to claim them whenever they are violated. Check this article, as an example!
  • Research: documenting violations and use the data for advocacy;
  • and Advocacy nationally and internationally: influencing policies and calling for international support. Check an article of what we dit in Geneva!

Check our “Blog” section for more stories about our activities and work in this area!

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