Why Rudi?


Rudi International is a charitable not-for-profit organization working for the integral development of the African continent. “Rudi” is Swahili for “come back” or “reviens” in French.

Rudi International is all about raising awareness among young Africans on the importance of returning back to the continent, the need to pay attention to the matters that directly affect the continent, and the call to partake to the relief and the re-launch of Africa by means of concrete actions on the continent.


The Association shares the vision of reaching out to all African young men and women as well as the African diaspora, offering them the ideal platform for reflection and action, inciting them to get involved in the development of African communities on multiple grounds including, but not limited to, the improvement of access to education for children and young people, which is the first pillar of development, the improvement of health, research, access to technologies of information and communication for children and young people in order to connect them to the rest of the world, and finally the creation of professional training facilities for tooling local labor with the needed abilities for a sustainable development.


Rudi International is an organization with at its heart the goal to bring young Africans on the continent and those of the diaspora together for them to work hand in hand on the development of the continent through involvement in the effort to improve education, health, research, ease of access to new technologies, etc.


Rudi International has three (3) main objectives:

–          Sensitizing African young men and women on the necessity of returning back to the continent in order to partake to its development and blossoming.

–          Reach out to the African diaspora and incite it to get involved in the economical and intellectual development of the African continent.

–          Partake to the improvement of sociological and professional conditions of African populations in the areas such as those of education and health for sustainable development.


We group our activities in four main programs: Education, Health, Research, and Access to Technologies of Information and Communication.

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