Meet The Team

Alain-Daniel Wa-Baguma is the President and Co-Founder of Rudi International. Jackson Free Press presents an article about him in the section Dudes We Dig of this printer newspaper printed in Jackson, Mississippi where Alain-Daniel currently (2014) attends Engineering school. Please read more of the JFP article here.
Also, more on Alain-Daniel in other other posts on our website here.

Arsene TungaliArsene Tungali is Co-founder and Executive Director of Rudi International and is based in Goma (DRC)

Through his 7 years achievements, online contributions, and extensive involvement in various volunteer organizations and charities, Arsene Tungali clearly demonstrates a firm commitment to education, leadership development, and social progress. Read more here.


Pictured: Part of our volunteers leading a booth at the Amani Festival 2015.

We are working with an amazing team of volunteers who are committing their time to support our work on the ground. You can be part of the team

Note that Rudi International is a 100% youth-led and volunteer-based organization.

2 thoughts on “Meet The Team

  1. Salut. Je m appelle Bertin. Je suis congolais vivant a Gillette Wyoming. J ai ete approche par une dame dans ma ville qui m a parler de vos projets et voulez que je puisse entrer en contact avec vous. J ai cherche votre contact partout sur le net sans succes. Donne moi un coup d appel tantot.



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