The 2012 Back To school: A true success for our kids!

Dear partners and supporters,

We are very happy to let you know that after our online campaign “Help Them Go To School”, all the 16 kids enrolled in our Rudi Education program have got sponsors and were able to go to school this Monday September 3rd with other students at their institution Eastern D. R. Congo.

Monday morning, the kids ready to enter class. Two of them are not there

The Rudi International Team would like to thank you for believing in us and on behalf of the beneficiary, the kids,  through their parents who were very happy to receive all the school items we could buy and give back to their kids, helping them to stay at school.

Each package included:

–          A new and beautiful schoolbag

–          Books that they will be using he whole year

Rudi Volunteers opening the “back-to-school” packages for distribution.

–          A new school uniform. In the D.R. Congo, all the primary and high school students are required to wear a white shirt and a blue pair of shorts or skirt to be able allowed in class.

–          A blue and red pen, a pencil and an eraser, color pencils, a ruler.

–          A mathematical box which was given only to students from P4 as the others are not yet using the tools that it contains.

–          Toothbrush for girls only. This was a gift from a university student from Goma, a young lady who donated some items she already bought as her contributions to the kids.

We appreciated it so much! The lady bought some items on her own and brought them to us so we could complete the package with whatever was lacking.

Last Sunday in the afternoon, while it was raining, our staff could reach the place and found all the kids and their parents waiting. The previous day, we sent a message to our Rudi Education’s newest volunteers, Luc and Munguiko that we would be coming. Luc is one of the teachers and Munguiko is a university student and living near the school. They accepted to volunteer in our Rudi Education program and help the kids in the way they can.

From left to right: Munguiko, Luc and Arsene Tungali while meeting the parents.
It was raining outside. These mothers came with their kids to receive the packages

Once we reached the place, we entered one of the classrooms where they were all sitting. Without taking much time, Arsene Tungali had a word to the parents explaining what we were about to do, meanwhile, the rest of the team gave the clothes to the kids and immediately, they went to wear them in the next classroom. Later, they joined us, shining in their new white shirts and blue shorts/skirt.

Arsene Tungali introducing the team and the ceremony. He told the parents to help the kids when they have homeworks so they can increase their final grade
The kids back after wearing their uniforms
After wearing their uniforms

The next step was to call each one of the kid and give him/her the school bag with all the other items. After a photo of each kid, we called their parents and took another photo of the mother or father with his (her) son (or daughter). The parents were clapping making some wonderful cries after each one of the kids received his “gift”. After the ceremony that took place inside the classroom because it was raining outside, the rain stopped and we went out for the last family pictures.

One of the students smiling after receiving her package. Her mother was there as well
Another student with his mother. This is on the following morning because they were not there on the day of the distribution.

I remember one of the mothers singing in Swahili, the local language:

Muda wa kubarikiwa ukifika, hakuna anye weza kuzuiya sababu ni Mungu mwenyewe anaye bariki. Mungu aendeleye kubariki wale wanao kumbuka wasiyo jiweza”, which can be translated in, “when the time of blessing is there, nobody can stop it because God is the one who blesses. May He always bless those who care about those in need”. (Reminds me of Psalm 41:1-3).

It was around 4.30pm when we decided to take our car and go back to town, a few kilometers from this rural neighborhood. The parents sent their thanks to all the donors and supporters. The kids promised they will work hard in order to have good marks at the end of the year so they can win another scholarship. … For that we can say “Lord willing!”.

Monday, September 3rd at 7.00am, Arsene Tungali went back to the school and witnessed the back to school ceremony done by the school officials. He also gave the packages to the 3 kids that were not present the previous day. They were not informed of our coming on Sunday.

The entire school ready for classes was listening to the  opening word from the school director
Raising the National flag while singing the Congolese national anthem, the new school director just behind those students.

The Rudi International team of volunteers would like to thank you all for your donations of every kind that helped us launch the Rudi Education’s program and with you, we were able to help these kids affected by war to stay in school. At Rudi, we believe that this is just a beginning, these kids will have good influence and impact in their environment by the after school programs that we will be organizing with them. So, we STILL need you!

A family photo with Rudi Team
Rudi Volunteers. From left to right: Clarisse, Luc, Munguiko, Arsene, Yves, Grace and Serge ready to go back after the work is done

We want to thank Mwangaza International, our proud partner for being with us in the campaign and for helping us reach other sponsors. Their help was so precious and we are proud of them. In total we have 16 kids (8 girls and 8 boys) in our program that we will be following the whole year and post regular updates.

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