Our First Christmas celebration and Our Best wishes for 2013!


They were just funny! In red our Santa and his colleague talking to the crowd of kids attending the events

This December 25th, 2012, we had our first Christmas project in Lac Vert, Goma. The project was entitled “#joyto100kids”, because we wanted to feed about 100 kids who have just recovered from war and recent troubles by M23 rebels who invaded the city of Goma last November.

These young girls were just amazing. Traditional exhibitions! Showcasing local culture and talents is our priority!

We are happy to let you know that it was a TRUE SUCCESS and a memorable day for the kids we serve and for the entire community because not only kids were there, also young people and some parents assisted the events and so many were volunteering. [See more pictures HERE]

They were so many attending the activities
The champion team posting with local political representatives and some of Rudi members

We had so many activities with the kids in Lac Vert including football games with 4 local teams, making 44 young boys, so many focus groups activities with young girls and so many other public activities. For those activities, we were able to gather more than 300 attendees.



Time for dancing!

Rudi International invited Santa Claus, one of the most famous and hilarious men of Goma city, to the event and all the kids were happy to have him performing and making them laugh seriously. He and another young man made the day so special for the kids.



Some of the kids enjoying their food!

At the end, we were able to feed 208 kids, more than what we planned for when we started the project and the fundraising. ALL THIS WAS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR HELP, without which we could do nothing. We thank you all for your support, our special thanks goes to our partner Mwangaza International for their care on children in Goma.

We had a mango tree that we left to the school and the entire community as a symbol of the christmas celebrations. It was called the “Christmas Tree”
The work is done! Some of our 50 volunteers for this Christmas celebtation posting with Arsene Tungali (third from right). Volunteers make us strong! We are always Proud of them

The last thing but not the least, we would like to take this opportunity to send to you our best wishes for 2013 and looking forward to working more close with you and with the young people and kids we are working with in all our various programs and activities. We also count on your support as always, without you on our side in 2012, we could do nothing. But with you, even more is possible.

Thank you,

The Rudi Team.

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« Rudi International » asbl, est une organisation caritative œuvrant pour le développement intégral du continent africain. « Rudi » est un terme swahili qui se traduit par « reviens » en français ou « come back » en anglais. Il s’agit d’un appel à la conscience de la jeunesse africaine de toujours penser à revenir au continent, d’avoir son regard tourné vers les problèmes qui touchent directement le continent, de participer par des actions concrètes au redressement ou au redécollage de l’Afrique.

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