Celebrations: Rudi’s 2nd bday. Our sponsored kid’s graduation

Credit: Tresor Tshilumba (Rudi Volunteer, Lubumbashi)

Dear friends and supporters,

We are pleased to announce to you these important celebrations. As always, we chose not to keep it for ourselves! Two main events: our 2nd anniversary and the closing of the first school year within our child sponsorship program which coincides with their graduation.

We sent 16 to school ths 2012-2013 school year. You sponsored them!
We sent 16 to school ths 2012-2013 school year. You sponsored them!

For your record, Rudi International was founded in July 7th of 2011. This 2013, makes our 2nd year anniversary: two years since we have started the work we are doing with children affected by multiple conflicts in the Lac Vert area giving them hope for the future through education. Two years working with the youths of Goma on our various capacity building programs.

As last year, we would like to have a birthday cake to be shared with our 16 sponsored kids, our amazing volunteers, our friends and supporters who will be able to be in Goma on that day.

Last year celebration. @Cap Kivu Hotel, Goma
Last year celebration. @Cap Kivu Hotel, Goma

We are pleased to associate you in this!

First, we would like to thank you for all kind of support you have shown to our work the past 2 years, support without which we couldn’t be able to make the change we are making in the lives of people in Goma and surroundings.

Here are some of the ways you can be part of this celebration:

–         Help us make our birthday cake and have some drinks for our guests,

–         Help us gather gifts (presents) for our kids for their graduation,

–         Help us gather presents (surprises) to some of our volunteers for their hard work throughout our first year of Rudi Education.

–         Etc.

Note this: All online donations starting 5$ are made here: Donations (via paypal). If this is not possible for you, email us [email protected] (cc [email protected]) and let us know what’s in your heart for us.

Thank you so much!

Rudi Team.

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« Rudi International » asbl, est une organisation caritative œuvrant pour le développement intégral du continent africain. « Rudi » est un terme swahili qui se traduit par « reviens » en français ou « come back » en anglais. Il s’agit d’un appel à la conscience de la jeunesse africaine de toujours penser à revenir au continent, d’avoir son regard tourné vers les problèmes qui touchent directement le continent, de participer par des actions concrètes au redressement ou au redécollage de l’Afrique.

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