A message from our Executive Director, Arsene Tungali


I am glad to come to you today with some news from the ground, i mean from Goma (east of DRC), where we are based and where the change we are working on with your support is happening.

First, i would like to inform you that our first (July) education newsletter is already out and we hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have not, please email us so we can share with you a pdf copy of it.

Second, if you have been following/reading the news about the Congo, you may have noticed that the security situation is not very well in Goma. Since last week, fightings resumed again between the FARDC (government army) and the rebells of M23 that are operating in the north of the city. This time, they were not able to reach physically Goma but there were bombings that fell in the city and killed people. The DRC government said some of those bombings came from Rwanda, the neighbouring country, which is being said as the mentor of the M23 rebels.

See some updates from our main Facebook page:

25th: “This #sunday was calm in #Goma city. Churches, some businesses and people could work/walk easily. Hope everything turn to normal as a new week is starting. #Peace & #Stability  we want!”

25th: “In times of trouble, we thank God to know our friends from all over the world are praying with us for #peace and #stability in#DRC! Thank you again!”

24th: “Everyone at #Rudi in #Goma city is doing well today, thanks to your prayers. #DRC #Trouble #Fightings #Peace

We are happy because no one from our team of volunteers or our beneficiaries in the Lac Vert area were injured nor their families. Thank you for all of you who have been praying for peace in the DRC and who are praying for Rudi International and our activities.

Third, be reminded that we launched the second edition of our “Back to School campaign” for this coming school year. Last year was a true success for the 16 kids we are working with and whom we are sponsoring for their education. Our goal for this new school year that starts this September 2nd is to send 32 kids to school. This means, supporting at least 32 families!

Mwamini Nsii one of the 16 new kids in need of sponsors. You can sponsor her today and be part of her education!

A week from the back to school day, we have not yet been able to get all those 16 new kids sponsored. We thank those of you who expressed the need of being part of our Sponsor Team. We need to increase the number of this team so we can have with you a great impact in the lives of congolese people living in the most war-torn region of the country. We are so thankfull for our partner organization Mwangaza International for their support and care.

Please make sure you sponsor one or two kids in rural Congo by donating up to $100 per kid. This includes school items (bags, shoes, pens, books, uniforms and some extra school activities) and school fees for the whole school year. You can make your online donation by going to http://www.rudiinternational.org/donations

At the end, ss we are waiting for your help, I would like to wish you a prosperous week ahead. Feel free to contact us by email [email protected] or/and follow our updates on our Facebook and Twitter channels: Rudi InternationalRudi Education.Rudi For Women and Girls Online.@RudiIntl.

Yours sincerly,

Arsène Tungali (@arsenebaguma)

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Co-founder & Executive Director

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« Rudi International » asbl, est une organisation caritative œuvrant pour le développement intégral du continent africain. « Rudi » est un terme swahili qui se traduit par « reviens » en français ou « come back » en anglais. Il s’agit d’un appel à la conscience de la jeunesse africaine de toujours penser à revenir au continent, d’avoir son regard tourné vers les problèmes qui touchent directement le continent, de participer par des actions concrètes au redressement ou au redécollage de l’Afrique.