Boys and girls from the Lac Vert community enjoyed a meal with Rudi International team thanks to your generous donation last year. Will you join us again this year?

Christmas Project 2014

It is finally here!

That time of the year when we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. At Rudi International, we want to do this with those who have little to no means of celebrating because they cannot afford a decent meal for Christmas or New Year or even clothing.

Thinking about a gift for Christmas? Please give a meal and the opportunity to learn a new marketable skill for a mother in war-torn Goma, a smile, or a full tummy to a kid in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can GIVE any or some of that at this link.

The Full Story

Christmas with Rudi International reaches beyond the ministry of the children in the education program.  Through this event each year the whole Lac Vert community is invited to gather, rejoice and to have fun, enjoying the holiday together.  The Christmas project was launched in 2012 as an outreach to the entire community.  That first year around 208 children were fed and over 300 attended the planned activities.

In 2013, with your support, the event reached even more and more people. Rudi International was able to involve the whole community, the celebrations taking two days! We gathered three different groups on Dec 24th and the big celebration with everyone happened on Dec 25th. Those events included a special art camp with the children enrolled in the education program and a training event for volunteers in the community who would help with the event on Christmas.  The 3rd group was focused on women, 27 mothers attended. The workshop was directed by Mama Jeannet, our volunteer, a great women who is directing the “Encourage Mothers” program.  They celebrated Christmas on their own, talking about their role as women to support their families. They spent time singing and dancing and were encouraged to forget a little bit about their problems and focus on Christ, the reason for the celebration. At the end, the youths and women received a small package (rice, soap, beans, kitchen oil, etc), to make sure they celebrate Christmas on the next day while we will be feasting with the kids on the following day.

It was a special and unique opportunity in the area where parents are not able to offer anything on this special day for their kids.

We are really humbled each year to see God using Rudi’s team of volunteers to bring joy to the community which is comprised of people affected by war.

In 2014, with the growth of our education program increasing from 32 children to 70, (Praise God!) we have a big task ahead to raise funds for our 2014 Christmas Project.  Will you help us by making a donation of any amount to help feed the children of the community? Aprox. Cost: $1500

$5 – will help feed a child in the community and provide fun activities to attend on Christmas day.

Rudi International is also hoping to provide activities for the children and women involved in Rudi’s education and Encourage Mother’s program.  We have 70 students who will be attending the art camps.  We have about 40 women in the other program who will attend a workshop to learn how to make plastic bags which is a skill they can use as a trade.  During the workshops the Rudi team will also be feeding them a lunch of bread and drinks  Approx. Cost: $950

A $10 donation – A child gets to attend art camp and have lunch
A $10 donation – A women gets to learn a trade and have lunch

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