New APC Member Rudi International: Working with children who were robbed of their opportunity for development in the DRC.

Rudi International New Membership and Interview with the Association for Progressive Communication.

We are pleased to announce our membership in the organization and network called Association for Progressive Communication, APC in short. After a rigorous membership application process that lasted about a year, Rudi International is officially a member of one of the largest networks in the Information and Communication Technologies and Human Rights sectors in the world.

The APC’s overall vision is that « All people have easy and affordable access to a free and open internet to improve their lives and create a more just world».  We, at Rudi International, share this vision and have expressed the wish to participate globally together with all members of this network in the pursuit of that vision.

Thanks to this membership, two of Rudi International members will serve on the APC council and thus add a new value to the work of this collective with our grassroots experience in the fields of training, research, policy, and advocacy on ICT issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo and globally.

The APC communications department conducted an interview with our President to share our impressions and feelings after this membership, but also to reiterate some of the values we uphold as an organization.

In this interview, Alain Rafiki, President and Co-Founder at Rudi International, gave the why of our adhesion to the APC network in these words: « The APC network has been a great resource to our team and for the work we do in the ICT sector. Through this network, we learn from the experiences of many and identify ways to improve our work as well as broaden our impact in more efficient ways. Because we also desire to positively influence more than just our community, we are thankful to be part of a network that gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the rest of the African continent and the world. We hope to gain friendships and partnerships that will allow Rudi International’s growing experience to be repeated in as many areas as needed ».

So, stay connected with us through our social networks and those of the APC for information about our next steps and activities in this great network.

This is an article by Blaise Ndola, Rudi International volunteer and Rudi’s representative at the APC.

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« Rudi International » asbl, est une organisation caritative œuvrant pour le développement intégral du continent africain. « Rudi » est un terme swahili qui se traduit par « reviens » en français ou « come back » en anglais. Il s’agit d’un appel à la conscience de la jeunesse africaine de toujours penser à revenir au continent, d’avoir son regard tourné vers les problèmes qui touchent directement le continent, de participer par des actions concrètes au redressement ou au redécollage de l’Afrique.