Our High School Students Are Doing Great

It was so great meeting our high school students this morning”, said Arsene Tungali, our Executive Director after a visit at the school in Lac Vert. He had the opportunity to speak with some of our high school students. “They have grown big and are now taking their studies seriously”, he added.

It is since 2012 (school year, 2012-2013) that we started our Education program and we are thankful to our Lord Jesus who is taking good care of our beneficiaries and our volunteers leading our Rudi Education program.

Our senior students are in their 4th high school class and Marcelin, one of them, told Arsene the following: “I only have two years left to graduate from high school and cannot wait to be able to go to University afterwards, Lord willing”. He is right by giving it all into God’s hands because he knows that his parents might not be able to support his schooling because they were not able to for the entire time he has been into our program. He believes in God who will provide.

                                                   Marcelin (left) and Kazadi (right)

At the school where most of them are going, we have students who are in their 3rd year and who are doing “Construction” as their chosen section of studies as they look forward to being able to build houses, etc. Jibiwa, a young female student in her 3rd school year said, during the conversation: “In our neighborhood, everyone is amazed at how I ended up choosing that section, which is, according to them, meant for men”.

Surprisingly, Jibiwa was the first in her class for the first period and was able to have close to 70% in a class full of men. “I don’t know how I can be first and leave all my male colleagues behind me”, she said. “All I did was making sure I focus on my studies and make them my priorities over anything else”, she concluded.For us at Rudi International, we are thankful to God and to all our supporters who have partnered with us since day 1 and we hope you too are celebrating alongside us what the Lord has been up to.

Please stay in touch and let us know if there is any better way we can keep you updated on anything going on the ground with our students.

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