Rudi Education Back to School 2020-2021

Born to Thrive!

Have you ever been amazed by the things kids know and how quickly they learn new things? Children were created to learn and they each have incredible potential. Given access to the right tools, children of any age, location, or family of origin will flourish. At Rudi, we believe all children deserve access to an education where they can learn, reach their full potential, and ultimately have a positive impact on their family and community. Unfortunately, many families in the DRC are unable to financially send their children to school. Would you consider sponsoring a student, or more, this year to help them reach their potential? For every $205, you will be providing tuition, school supplies, and a uniform to a child in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo for the entire school year. (Take me directly to the donation page: Select Rudi International School Sponsorship as the “Purpose”). The minimum need this year is to raise $18,500. We have till mid-October to reach this goal. Please spread the word in your network!

At Rudi, we believe all kids deserve an education to reach their full potential. Sadly, many in the DRC can’t afford school. You can send a child to school for $205 this year!

How To Donate – Choose the Purpose Rudi International School Sponsorship

You can donate directly on Love More Foundation’s platform here: Once you get to that page, please make sure you choose Rudi International School Sponsorship as the “purpose” of your donation.

On the donation page, please make sure you select Rudi International School Sponsorship as the “Purpose” of your one time or recurring gift.

You can also give by check made out to Love More Foundation, Inc with preference for Rudi International School Sponsorship or directly through the PayPal button our website. Many thanks to each of you have been part of our journey throughout the years. May the Lord God we serve reward you manifold!

Stay Informed About Rudi

Please address any questions to us via our Contact Us page, our page or via our page. Among our other programs, through the Rudi Education program, Rudi International is committed to improving the availability of education in one of the most war torn areas of the world. When you sponsor you provide tuition, uniform, school supplies, program costs, field trips, and after school activities throughout the year.

Our partner organization Love More Foundation is “Serving the poor of women and Children in developing countries currently primarily the DRC.” Find more information about them here: Love More Foundation Inc.

Quick Update:

As of today, October 19, we have not yet reached our fundraising goal in order to send all 90 children to school.

  1. Please let us know if you plan on sponsoring even further along in the school year.
  2. Please help us by telling your family and friends to see if anyone else can help by donating any amount.
  3. Please let us know if you have any questions we can answer.

Finally, please note that, if it is important that you receive a tax receipt (USA only) for the donation you make, please donate via the link to Love More Foundation or a check to Love More with preference for Rudi International. We are currently unable to deliver tax receipts for donations via our PayPal account.

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« Rudi International » asbl, est une organisation caritative œuvrant pour le développement intégral du continent africain. « Rudi » est un terme swahili qui se traduit par « reviens » en français ou « come back » en anglais. Il s’agit d’un appel à la conscience de la jeunesse africaine de toujours penser à revenir au continent, d’avoir son regard tourné vers les problèmes qui touchent directement le continent, de participer par des actions concrètes au redressement ou au redécollage de l’Afrique.