Let’s Welcome the New School Year at Rudi Education

Overview of the 2021-2022 School Year

Last year is practically over at Rudi Education as the majority of the schools that our children attend have closed for the year. Only a few items remain to be wrapped up for the 2021-2022 school year. Before we list those, let’s give praise to God for helping us! We did it by His grace! With your help, through prayer and financial support, we were able to complete another school year in a region of the world where this is not guaranteed when the year starts.

The past three years have been very challenging. We lost just under 50% of the children we support to many causes: the geopolitical instability in Eastern DRC, the teachers’ strikes, the unkept promises from the political authorities, the Pandemic, the volcanic eruption, some underage marriage situations that took place, family troubles, displacements, and the list goes on. Through it all, you prayed for and financially supported us and the communities we serve. We made it through with the Lord’s help.

Against all odds, we eventually started the 2021-2022 school year and were able to see the end of it with only three students not making it to the end. However, the Rudi Education program has been in touch with two of the three students. Their situation has changed such that they can come back and continue their education this new school year! Praise God! It is with great joy that we told them to please come back to school! So, please pray that the circumstances of the one student who hasn’t returned would improve such that they can.

Two final items remain to be concluded for last year:

  1. We still need exactly $2,000 to pay off all the fees and tuition at the three schools and two colleges where we currently have students. Please donate now to help us close out the last year.
  2. Seven, yes, seven (this is huge!) of our students sat for the Congolese national exam to complete their high school education. Please pray that they succeed and obtain their diplomas. This would be a monumental blessing for them, our community, and all the sponsors who have teamed up over the years to get these students to 12th grade and, potentially soon, to college.

By God’s grace, thanks to sponsors like you, these students have made it this far in their education. We pray that you will be able to continue supporting them if they choose to pursue higher education. This will enable them to better serve their families and their communities. This, in addition to the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ that we have been able to share with them over the years, is what we have aimed for all these years. Please find more about our students along with some pictures on our Facebook page: facebook.com/rudiinternational/.

In-Between the School Years and Throughout 2022-2023

Starting this August 2022, all of our sponsored children have the opportunity to participate in computer literacy classes at Rudi’s Elimu Technology Center. The technology center is one of Rudi International projects that involve at least two of our programs: the Education program as well as the ICT program. Please find out more about the Elimu Technology Center on its dedicated Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ElimuTechDRC/

Picture of Students from the Rudi Education Program who are benefiting from computer literacy classes offered by Rudi International's Elimu Technology Center in Goma, DRC. These students will continue to take these classes as after-school activity even after the school year starts.
Students from the Rudi Education Program are benefiting from computer literacy classes offered by Rudi International’s Elimu Technology Center in Goma, DRC. These students will continue to take these classes as after-school activity even after the school year starts.

As for the new school year 2022-2023, we are thankful to announce that the year is scheduled to start this September 5th, 2022 in Goma, DRC. We count on your continued support for all the students who are able to continue with us. We are expecting between 55 and 60 students again this year. Some will be in secondary school (7th through 12th grade) and some will be in College.

The number of those in college will be known as soon as the national exam results are published, but we hope that all seven of the students (five of them are in the featured image above in this post) will be able to get their diplomas and join the two that we already have in college in Goma. This will bring the number to nine college students. Now, that would be awesome! Please pray with us that we would have enough financial support to assist them through this part of their journey or support those who decide to launch their own business ventures right out of high school. In fact, we do have some who want to go into construction, teaching, and other professions.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Please give using our PayPal donation button above or via the rudiinternational.org/donations page.
  2. Share this post with the people in your life and ask them to donate as well.
  3. Pleas pray for a successful year ahead.
  4. Reach out to us via the contact-us page or via email with suggestions, questions, or just to say Hello!

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You can listen to an automated reading of this post on Spotify
You can listen to an automated reading of this post on Spotify

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