Rudi International trains educators and media practitioners on digital security in Goma

This post was originally published in French here.

On Saturday May 20, Rudi International hosted a digital security training for teachers and journalists at Elimu Technology Centre, its computer training center. This training is part of the series of activities organized with the support of Internews through its regional ccHub. These are digital security audits that are followed by specific training activities based on the vulnerabilities encountered during the audits. The goal being to make the different stakeholders of the DRC population resilient with the rise of cybercriminals in this electoral period.

For this Saturday, participants, who were more than twenty, were equipped on the issues of security and information systems, security needs, the notions of vulnerability, threats, attack and the panorama of some threats.

Three participants testified about the impact of the training on their understanding of digital security principles. Rafiki Nzita Emmanuel was one of them, a journalist whose media benefited from a vulnerability assessment mission, part of this series of activities.

“The training allowed me to know some concepts and to differentiate safety from security on the internet,” he said.  “It also taught me to be more attentive to cyber-crime threats. For example, I never knew there were antiviruses for mobile phones before this training.”

Manegabe Emmanuel said he has learned how to detect cases of cyberattacks and recognize threats that could harm the operation of a business.

“Before this training, I didn’t know that there were threats in the information system area and that could harm the functioning of an association or a company,” said Manegabe, who is a teacher.  “I have just been equipped and I am ready to fight against these threats,” he added.

Mr. Samir also testified to the usefulness of the training, rejoicing in having learned how to protect oneself and take preventive measures.

“This training was particularly useful to me because in the world we live in, especially in Africa, we live with the internet and cybercrime always threatens us. This training taught me how to protect myself and take preventive measures in the organization I work for. Before this training, I didn’t know how big cyber crime issues have grown. Fortunately, I learned how to get around,” Samir said.

This training is particularly important in the African context where cybercrime is constantly expanding. Participants were therefore equipped to deal with this scourge that increasingly threatens organizations and individuals, especially during this electoral period in the DRC. Further trainings are scheduled for various other categories in the coming weeks.

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