One of our previous year's back to school day. The children say thank you!

Rudi Back To School 2021-2022: Let’s Do It Together!

Hi Friends of Rudi!

We are finally wrapping up this challenging school year! Intermittent covid shut downs and the volcanic eruption in May pushed the school year to the end of August. We are incredibly thankful to God for those who were able to endure this difficult year! We pray that God would use these challenges to grow endurance and steadfast faith in our students.

For most of the schools in Goma, there will only be a one month break before jumping into the 2021-2022 school year at the beginning of October 2021*.
This year we will not be able to partner with Love More Foundation since they are needing to step back due to family challenges. This will mean we will be unable to provide our U.S. donors with tax receipts for donations this year or until we achieve tax exempt status in the US. Please pray with us that it is sooner than later.

This year, therefore, will be accepting donations via the PayPal button available here: Please let us know if you intend to donate later in the year so we can make a promise to the schools in order for them to keep all of the children in school instead of sending them home for delayed payment. Should you have any questions, please send us an email and we will be happy to help.

One last thing! If you have not yet expressed your interest in contributing to the Rudi Education College Fund for our students who are graduating from high school this year, please do so via this Google Form we have put together. Should you decide to go ahead and contribute to that fund, please use our donate button on our site and make a note to let us know. This is an exciting opportunity to give these students something that most in Congo will never have: access to higher education.

Thank you for ministering with us through the Rudi Education program of Rudi International.

We hope you are all well and staying healthy!

The Rudi International Team

*Update: We have updated the timeframe of this year’s vacation from one week to one month with the beginning of October 2021 as back to school month.

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