Goma Harbor – Field Trip Report

As part of the end of the year activities at Rudi International in December 2015, the children who are part of the Rudi Education program visited the famous Goma harbor on the shores of Lake Kivu in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Following is a report of this wonderful experience for the children. Our gratitude goes to all of you who supported the end of the year celebrations for these children.

This trip was an innovation since we have never done a trip of this caliber before. We were able to gather 55 of the kids enrolled in the Rudi Education program. Although not everyone was able to attend due to home duties or traveling for the holiday, we still feel it was a great turn out.

It took nearly 3 hours to take the students from Lac Vert to the harbor.  The Rudi International team worked diligently behind the scenes to complete the necessary administrative paperwork and line up the tour guide so it would be a fun learning experience for everyone in attendance. Full report with images available in PDF.

Nous Avons Besoin de Votre Aide sur Terrain pour Christmas Project 2014

Rudi International a besoin des jeunes bénévoles qui voudraient bien servir pour nos activités de Noël cette année.

Si vous pensez être disponible du Lundi 22 au Jeudi 25 décembre, veuillez nous le faire savoir sous forme de commentaire à ce message ainsi nous vous tiendrons au courant des modalités pratiques.

Aucune remunération ne sera offerte car c’est un travail benevole et communautaire pour le bien des enfants et des femmes.

L’équipe Rudi Education

Holidays For the Kids In Lac Vert

The Children from Rudi Education say thank you!

The kids are back home for holiday.

It has been an incredible school year. We are blessed to have you partnering with us in this journey to bring some positive transformation in the Lac Vert area, in remote Goma, DRC. The kids are now waiting to have their final marks sent to them.

We will be happy to share some updates very soon. Just remember to register for our next newsletter which will be full of exciting news from our work on the ground and our friends.

What do we do during this time :

–          We reflect on the past school year while working on the next one which is starting in September,

–          We work on some updates that we will be sharing with you very soon (in the next newsletter),

–          We work on the Encourage Mothers and Rudi For Women and Girls Online programs.

What can you do during this time :

–          Watch this space as we will be putting some updates,

–          Stay connected to our main Facebook page facebook.com/rudiinternational and those of our specific programs : Rudi Education and Rudi For Women and Girls Online,

–          Share the word with your friends as we have started campaigning for our 2014 Back To School (Join the campaign #RudiBack2School14),

–          Start planning on sending back to school the child you sponsor or have your sponsored child in our education program,

–          Visit our volunteering section to learn how you can be part of our work. We would love to have you support us the way you can.

The Encourage Mothers program is still on, the mothers are keeping up with their weekly conversations.

Visit our Donations section.

Thank you.

“Encourage Mothers”, how Rudi is working with women affected by war to heal their trauma

Encourage Mothers” is our new program under Rudi International!

Group photo of the first meeting in Lac Vert community

Group photo of the first meeting in Lac Vert community

31 mothers attended our 4 meetings held so far. Each week, the meeting is taking place on Saturday between 8 to 9am. They are conducted by Mama Jeanet and held in the Lac Vert community either in a local church where we have been generously given space or at one of the women’s place when there is a service in that church.

In our last newsletter (need a pdf copy in your email box? Let us know), we announced the launch of our new program, “Encourage Mothers” which aims to work with the mothers in the Lac Vert area to help them become good mothers for their families through conversations. They are affected by war, are living in poor conditions and since have been traumatized by all that. In the initial phase, the meetings focuses on healing conversations and we have seen great changes happen on their faces, how they can easily smile and call each other by name.

The group in one of their meetings

The group in one of their meetings

On the first meeting (Nov 11th, 2013), Arsene Tungali introduced Mama Jeanet to the women as their new friend and briefly talked about the new program, then gave the flow to Mama Jeanet.  She then introduced the program “Empower” which consists of giving an opportunity to everyone to speak about anything that is deep in his heart. Those are stories, most of the times bad stories, that everyone has passed through and that are remaining as wounds in their lives. Per the 4 meetings already done, everyone spoke about her terrible story and after that felt comforted and released.

Arsene Tungali introducing the program

Arsene Tungali introducing the program

These women really needed such a space of conversation, unique in the area. They had their hearts full of trauma stories, bad memories and this is actually a danger because they won’t have any positive talks with their kids unless they have had an opportunity to talk and to get their trauma healed. In my group, I hear stories and stories and after each one of the women have spoken, we heal each other by providing some advices. We also use the word of God and have other strong words from strong women and this have shown a positive result on them”, Mama Jeanet shared in one her reports to Rudi.

They agreed to observe and keep confidentiality.

No one is allowed to divulgate the story shared by another one. This climate of confidence helps them to freely express their selves and feel better. Some rendezvous failed because either Mama Jeanet had no money for transport (as she is coming from Goma to Lac Vert, 10kms away) or she is out of the town for business or international conferences. When Rudi was able to support with few money, she found that the women came at the meeting place but were disappointed because she was absent. This shows that they are really interested in that program and want the meetings to be held very often. We need your financial support. Would You Donate here!

On 2013 Christmas day, Mama Jeanet is talking to the group

On 2013 Christmas day, Mama Jeanet is talking to the group

We started this program without initial funding and we are keeping it up only by faith and our motivation comes from the courage and interest our beneficiaries’ manifests. Arsene commented: “We couldn’t stay untouched after working two years in the community with the kids and left behind their mothers. To build a bright future for the children in Lac Vert, we need to touch their mothers as well”. We hope to have your support so we can move on next steps towards our trauma healing program. Mama Jeanet has strong experience on this matter and we are proud to be working with her. For this initial phase of the Empower program, we just need money for her transport.

Look, not enough money actually. From Goma to Lac Vert and back to Goma, she needs about 5$ if she takes a motorbike. That makes about 20$ per month to be able to meet the women 4 times a month, to have transformational conversations. Be part of this and donate whatever you can.

One of the mothers with her kid attending the conversations

One of the mothers with her kid attending the conversations

There are stories that are coming out from their meetings, we cannot share all of them. Here is one of the stories that Jeanet wanted us to share: “My 3 kids got poisoned. I witnessed them all dying one after another because we had no money for hospital at the right time. What I remember is that my husband got very angry and rude on me and as I had no force to handle this, I lost intelligence…”, shared Mama Chantal and it seems not be enough for her, the hardest part of the story is this as she continues “I don’t remember what comes next but when I was awake, I found myself naked, in a bush so far from my house. I was frightened and when I went back home, my husband told me that I am no longer welcomed home pretending that I killed his sons (my own sons!). He chased me and I am alone here in Lac Vert after I left Masisi where I was with my family. I haven’t seen him again and heard that he got married to another wife.”

Mama Jeanet shares that, after this story was told in the group, everyone felt in tears and all of them got the courage to talk about their own stories because they saw the courage of their colleague. At our program, we believe in the power of a story shared in a group to release someone from his loneliness.

Be part of this. Help us build strong mothers in the community, free of trauma. In the coming months, we will go into the next phase of the program which will consist of designing some activities that can help the women generate some incomes. You can start investing in our program as for this phase, we will need some more money to be able to handle this.

Dec 24t, for the Christmas Project, the mothers received each a package from Rudi for their celebration with family

Dec 24t, for the Christmas Project, the mothers received each a package from Rudi for their celebration with family

We want to have a STRONG WOMAN to champion this program ad be our fundraiser. Are you that woman? Do you care about women? About the Congo? Join us today!

Our 2013 Christmas Project, a great experience indeed

We did it! And Yeah, we did it!

Since 2012, Christmas with Rudi International has been a great opportunity for the children and the whole Lac Vert community to gather, rejoice and to have fun, enjoying the time together. We are really humbled to see God using us to bring some joy to this community which is comprise of people affected by war in the region. Last year, we had a great celebration with over 300 kids. See details!

In 2012, we did this!

In 2012, we did this!

In 2013, with your support, we have been able to reach even more and more people. We were able to involve the whole community, the celebrations taking two days! We gathered three separated groups on Dec 24th and the big celebration with everyone on Dec 25th. It was actually a special and unique opportunity in the area where parents are not able to offer anything on this special day for their kids. We are thankful to you for allowing us to bring this in the community.

The day before Christmas


On December 24th, we were able to organize an art workshop, focused on the 32 kids enrolled in our education program. This workshop was led by our youngest and new volunteer Daniel and it was a great opportunity for the kids to open up their minds to develop their artistic side. Both boys and girls were admitted in this workshop. A cocktail was served at the end.


We are drawing the Holy Family, representing the little Jesus, Marie his mother and Joseph his daddy. Daniel explained us that story and I can now explain to others how things went the day Jesus was born in Bethlehem without even referring to the Bible”, commented Marko (13 years old), one of our sponsored kids.

Daniel is explaining the work

Daniel is explaining the work

World, see what we did!

World, see what we did!

The second group, in a separate classroom, was formed by 20 youth (aged 15 to 26 years old, young men and women). All of them were from the community, some have been to school, and others haven’t got the chance to be at school. This workshop was led by our own Arsene Tungali and he talked about their role as young people in the development of their community. The discussions were really interesting and good resolutions came out. They all agreed to take active part in activities aiming to help the Lac Vert community go forward. A cocktail was served at the end.

Arsene is talking to the youth

Arsene is talking to the youth

Group photo

Group photo

The 3rd group was focused on women, 27 mothers attended. The workshop was directed by Mama Jeanet, our volunteer, a great women who is directing the “Encourage Mothers” program, our new program focused on the mothers in the community. They celebrated Christmas on their own, talking about their role as women to support their families, building strong families. They could sing, dance and forget a little bit their problems, focus on Christ whose birth date was celebrated.

Mama Jeanet is talking to the mothers

Mama Jeanet is talking to the mothers

Mama Jeanet at work

Mama Jeanet at work

At the end, the youths and women received a small package (rice, soap, beans, kitchen oil, etc), to make sure they celebrate Christmas on the next day while we will be feasting with the kids on the following day.

The group photo of powerful women we ara working with

The group photo of powerful women we ara working with

See more photos at http://www.facebook.com/rudiinternational

Friends, know that we couldn’t do this without your support. Your contributions and support did work perfectly and we are really thankful to have you with us. We are working on making the change one step at a time. With you, we are building a strong, motivated community as we are developing specific programs that touch every generation: from working initially with the kids, young adult (first in Goma but now in the Lac Vert community as well) and women.

Do not hesitate to be part of this, just use our Online Donations page.

The Christmas day, the big and open celebration

Arsene introducing the day to the community

Arsene introducing the day to the community

December 25th was the D-day and we were excited to see it happen. Our volunteers were ready and have been working on it the whole week before, making sure we have everything in place (football materials, bottle of water for different activities, bananas and the kitchen for food). Specifically for this day, we were happy to have new volunteers joining us, supporting us on the ground. And we were really happy to have the 20 young adults who attended the workshop with Arsene to be willing to serve alongside with those coming from Goma. Their commitment confirmed to us that our work is fully supported by the community and the young adults did receive very well the message.

Some of the activities with the community. Our volunteers are of great help

Some of the activities with the community. Our volunteers are of great help

On that day, so much exciting activities were organized. The kids were already present at the school compound waiting for the team coming from Goma (10 kms away). The football teams that were selected to play were already there waiting for the new football that we had to bring for them before the match can start. Three local teams played and we had one winner who received a gift from Arsene Tungali.

The winning team posing with Arsene Tungali and Santa

The winning team posing with Arsene Tungali and Santa

The girls are part of everything. We help them go forward

The girls are part of everything. We help them go forward

Other activities followed, conducted by our volunteers (Serge and Blaise leading the team) and the Santa we brought from Goma to entertain the people at Lac Vert. The celebrations took place from 10am to 5pm and at the end, we served a public meal to over 300 kids who attended.

The kids eating

The kids eating

Blaise Ndola, one of our core volunteers noticed: “I think this year, the kids were much motivated because I saw that some of them could even remember what we did last year. Throughout the various activities, I was glad to see some of them remember the specific activities we had last year after Arsene asked the question and gave a gift to everyone who had a correct answer. This shows me that they really care and enjoy the time they pass with the Rudi team.

Enjoying their meal

Enjoying their meal

Another group of kids eating

Another group of kids eating

The celebration was a huge success and one of the mothers (note that some mothers were curious and came to see how their kids were enjoying and having fun) could comment with tears of joy on her face that she couldn’t hide:

I was there and could notice how the kids were on the line waiting to be served. After being served, I watched my two kids eating a full plate of rice, beans, potatoes and a cup of juice that were given to each one of them. I couldn’t have such meal to give them at home but thanks to Rudi, they celebrated Christmas with much joy. May God bless you and your work.

This year, we are celebrating Christmas differently

Dear Rudi Community,

We are excited to announce to you that we have already set clear plans for our 2014 Christmas Project celebrations. This year, we are celebrating differently because you answered to our call and made a donation. We thank you in advance.

Special thanks to our friend and volunteer, Tessy who runs Divine Moments.

For your record, last year, we involved the whole children community of Lac Vert and celebrated with them by having so much fun and a big public meal offered to over 300 kids. Actually, it was a great celebration. We appreciated your support!

2013 celebrations

2013 celebrations

This year, our family has grown BIG: we went from 16 kids to 32 kids in our sponsorship program. We are happy to be serving 32 kids in particular with school items and school fees for the current school year. All this with you and with your support. We are so much thankful to see you partnering with us, taking this long journey with us.

Rudi education cover

Rudi International has grown this year again, because we now have a women’s program, a program focused on women, actually a sisterhood that we just formed in the Lac Vert community. Have you got our latest newsletter? It contains details about the Encourage Mothers program that we are running with the support Maman Jeanet, a great woman, volunteer and friend who just joined the team in Goma. She is specialized in trauma healing.

A parent's meeting n lac vert

A parent’s meeting n lac vert

So, here we go with the schedule of our Christmas celebrations this December 2013

  1. 1.       Tuesday, December 24th: Gathering in small groups

On Tuesday, the day before Christmas, we are having 3 different meetings, in the same school (Nyabyunyu Primary School in Lac Vert):

–          Maman Jeanet will be having a great session with the 39 mothers already attending our weekly gatherings to talk, discuss and heal each other through conversations. At the end of the session, Rudi International will provide a small package of meal to each one of them. This is to help them go and celebrate Christmas with the rest of their family.

We did this on Passover 2013

We did this on Passover 2013

–          Daniel, our newly and young volunteer in Goma will run an art workshop with the 32 kids we are sponsoring. Daniel will stimulate their art side and help them express their selves using a pencil, a paper and color pens. This will be our first experience and we look forward to it. A cocktail will be served at the end.

–          Arsene Tungali will be gathering the Youth in Lac Vert. We have already made a list of 20 young people in the community. Arsene will be talking about “Volunteering for a social cause” to let them understand that Rudi needs their support in the process of building a ‘safe for all’ community with their support, as local population. A cocktail will be served at the end.

Note that we have the support of local authorities who will be assisting us on this journey. These 3 gatherings will take place at the same time (9h am to 12h), at the same place (Nyabyunyu Primary School in Lac Vert where we are working) but in three different rooms!

Photo with some local authorities taking place to our 2012 celebrations

Photo with some local authorities taking place to our 2012 celebrations

  1. 2.       Wednesday, December 25th: The public events

At the D-Day, we have open activities to everyone.

Part of the crowd on the 25th of December 2012

Part of the crowd on the 25th of December 2012

We invited every single kid in the area to join us for our activities which will take place from 11 (after Church) to 5pm with exciting activities outlined by our volunteers on the ground Serge and Blaise who are coordinating these events. We hope to gather as much as possible and serve all of them. We hope to be able to and not be overcrowded.

We truly appreciate your prayers, your help in any kind and your financial support to make this possible. Know that you still can donate using our donations page at our website and you will be making a difference with us in the Lac Vert community where our activities are focused.

Wanna JOIN? Click HERE!

Looking forward to hearing from you as we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope to see you more involved in 2014 and join our journey to building a strong society in remote Goma, DRC.


Rudi International and the Right to education

This post is part of the “Blog Action Day 2013” whose theme this year is “Human Rights”. We have registered our website to celebrate this day with other bloggers from all over the world because this year’s theme is interesting. The #BAD13 is celebrated October 16th. Follow other bloggers who are writing about Human Rights today.

blog action day

Our Co-founder and Executive Director, Arsene Tungali is an outstanding blogger and is among the emerging bloggers from eastern DRC. He blogs in French and English. We are proud of him.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

At Rudi, we ensure underprivileged kids are going to school in remote regions. We are based in Goma, eastern DRC and we are working with kids from families affected by war where parents have no regular income than what they get from the piece of land they rent. They have to pay something at harvest time to the lord land in return. Such situation makes life even harder and most of them are no longer able to pay the school fees for their children.


Arsene Tungali talking to some parents in Lac Vert area. We are working with the kids and their families

In DRC, free access to primary education have been guaranteed by the law but as of now this decision has never been put in application throughout the country although the Constitution stated that since 2006. So many kids are staying home while others are going to school and this situation is making the future of DRC not sure because the next generation, the future is left behind. Those kids are now street kids.

From our own efforts with limited resources, we have been working on how we can help this generation build their own future, a bright future for this beautiful country. We have been able to help 32 kids as of now and all of them studying this school year through the generosity of our friends and partners from all over the world who are making the difference with us championing these beautiful kids.

Here are some of our pictures since the Rudi Education program has started, July 2012.


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Giving food to over 300 kids


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Giving food to over 300 kids


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Giving food to over 300 kids


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Traditional dances performed by kids in Lac Vert


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Showcasing some congolese danses


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Time for fun


Providing food to the kids families for 2012 Passover


Our 2012 Christmas Project. Time for fun


2012 back to school ceremony. Giving school items to the kids

From 16 to 32: The Family Has Grown Big

Rudi Education has grown from 16 to 32 students in one year.

Dear Friends,

Can you remember the joy you had the day you had your new born? No, maybe you have not yet got married or simply you have not yet been blessed by a kid. It’s never too late, be reminded that God is in control and will take care of you. One day. Yes, that day!

The joy we, at Rudi International have today is shared by so many people we cannot count because it’s actually the future of the whole continent of Africa that is touched by this event of new born in our Rudi family.

Welcome to Our New supporters…

Friends, we are happy to let you know that the number of people who are making the difference with us in eastern Congo, the most war-torn region of the country, has increased and we are happy for that! We don’t have the real number of people who care about our work. We have been blessed for our network of donors and supporters has increased as well.

Welcome aboard!” said our President Alain Rafiki in the email he was sending to all of you!

We have people from the United States, from France, from Belgium, from the United Kingdom, from Canada, from South Africa, from Rwanda, from the Congo and other countries of the world who have joined in. There are so many others who have joined us through Mwangaza International, our partner and friend’s organization. We thank you too!

Note that… our goal at Rudi International is to reach the African diaspora and incite them to take part into the development of Africa through concrete actions. We have been blessed to be joined by people from other continents and who have a heart for Africa and for the Congo. We call them Friends of Africa and we are proud of them. We can’t thank you enough great people that God has used to serve with us with so much love and passion.

Welcome to the New Kids in Rudi Education

This school year, we are blessed to be joined by a wonderful group of 16 new kids from this rural area of Eastern DRC we have been working in. This region is underprivileged and only few organizations are operating here to bring hope to the many Internally Displaced families in need here.

Through our Rudi Education program, we sponsor the education of kids affected by war and similar disasters. Some have families, others have lost it all. Each one of these precious kids has his own story. Some have lost one or all parents and are staying at a family member, some have seen one of their parents left due to hard life. Some have been displaced due to war in their native regions and are now living in lands they are renting.


Moreover, all of these children have one thing in common: they have completely lost any hope for the future because they don’t see anything or anyone to convince them of a possible future for them and their families.

Last school year, we have been working with a total of 16 kids as our direct beneficiaries. We could reach so many other kids through other public activities organized in this rural community of IDPs. We have been also supporting the way we could the kids and their families in their social life. The goal we pursue as we are paying their school fees is another: we want to raise a new generation of kids in the area who have another perspective or understanding of life, different from the common. We want to build a bright and a big vision of a possible future for them and their families. We want to have a generation of kids who understand that despite the hard conditions of life they are obliged to live in, they can start building a new style of life plenty of joy and happiness for them and for their friends.


And we are happy and proud for the kids we have been following as of now. They are no longer the same kids we met a year ago. This makes us believe in the power of love to transform a broken heart into something new.

The day we delivered school items, a mother of one of our kids shared with us and we could only thank God because He is the only one who is doing all this with us:

I don’t understand what happened to my kid. He has completely changed! Now, he is always happy, smiling when he is back to school and when he is going to. I understood this after talking to him. He shared being happy because he is sure that he won’t be sent out of school due to school fees. Sometimes we have nothing to eat the day, but he still can read his notes and prepare for the next day of school. That makes me cry of happiness and I hope to see him become a great man and a great leader in this country.”

That’s why we had a goal to double the number this new school year in order to double our impact in their lives. The total of kids we have in our education program is passing from 16 to 32 and we thank all of you who are part of this success. Yes, we call it a success! Not only the kids but also, that means that we have been joined by 16 new families. A total of 32 kids, 32 mothers and/or fathers, etc. We are thinking of developing a new program that will work with mothers, to encourage them. Stay tuned to learn when this will be ready.


The journey has started …

Friends, we did this with your support and we are proud of you and we thank God who is using you and who is giving you the heart to support the people of DRC. Together, we can build another image of the DRC in investing in the education of those in need.

Stay with us and let’s get together into this boat that started its journey the day you sent your first donation to us. We will be having some exciting extra school activities with the kids and we need your support on that. Before we get to our Christmas celebration in December, you can make a donation whenever the Lord directs you and this will help us respond to the basic needs of these kids.

Stay in touch. Volunteer with us…

We have a wonderful group of volunteers on the ground and even those with whom we are working from distance. They work and give of their precious time to make sure everything is going on very well. From wherever you are, you can join us and be part of this great cause. Make sure you visit carefully this section.


Stay connected on our Facebook pages and follow us on Twitter. Register to our newsletter so you won’t miss anything from us.

Finally, you can also watch a video reaping our first year and introducing the Education Program right here on YouTube.

Arsene Tungali,

Rudi International, Co-founder and Executive director

Join our President Alain Rafiki on his own fundraising page for the 5 remaining kids

Rudi International, President and Co-Founder

Dear Friends,

Our Co-founder and Président Alain Rafiki has designed his StayClassy fundraising page through our partner organization Mwangaza International. You can access it from here and follow instructions on how to make your secured donation.

Remember, this school year (2013-2014), we have set the goal to send a total of 32 kids to school in a neightborhood place of Goma, in the war-torn DRC. We ara delighted to announce that from those 32, 16 are from last year (already in our Rudi Education program) and 16 new kids to be added this school year. We are happy for our partner organization Mwangaza who have helped us since we have started this education program and is still with us for this new year. Only because they believe in the power of education to change a nation.

So, among the 16 new kids, 11 have already got sponsors! We need to have the remaining 5 sponsored before the school year starts this September 2nd.

See what Alain could say on his fundraising page:

Thanks for visiting our fundraising page!

Rudi International, the non-profit organization I lead, is collaborating with Mwangaza International to support the education of 32 children in an Internally Displaced People’s community in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Each one of us is campaigning for just a few of these children at a time. I am asking your support for at least one of my group of 5.

With $102.27 you can send one of the kids to school for the whole year. But please donate any portion of that and hopefully someone will cover the rest.

The process is fast, easy and secure. Thanks so much for your support… and please dont forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

Once you donate, please sign up for our newsletter on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/rudiinternational

What do you wait for? Be part of this today and make a change in people’s lives. They will be always thankful to you and the DRCongo will be one day thankful.

“We are working hard because we believe in the power of education to transform a whole nation one step at a time”, Arsene Tungali

The Rudi Team (@RudiIntl)

Celebrations: Rudi’s 2nd bday. Our sponsored kid’s graduation


Credit: Tresor Tshilumba (Rudi Volunteer, Lubumbashi)

Dear friends and supporters,

We are pleased to announce to you these important celebrations. As always, we chose not to keep it for ourselves! Two main events: our 2nd anniversary and the closing of the first school year within our child sponsorship program which coincides with their graduation.

We sent 16 to school ths 2012-2013 school year. You sponsored them!

We sent 16 to school ths 2012-2013 school year. You sponsored them!

For your record, Rudi International was founded in July 7th of 2011. This 2013, makes our 2nd year anniversary: two years since we have started the work we are doing with children affected by multiple conflicts in the Lac Vert area giving them hope for the future through education. Two years working with the youths of Goma on our various capacity building programs.

As last year, we would like to have a birthday cake to be shared with our 16 sponsored kids, our amazing volunteers, our friends and supporters who will be able to be in Goma on that day.

Last year celebration. @Cap Kivu Hotel, Goma

Last year celebration. @Cap Kivu Hotel, Goma

We are pleased to associate you in this!

First, we would like to thank you for all kind of support you have shown to our work the past 2 years, support without which we couldn’t be able to make the change we are making in the lives of people in Goma and surroundings.

Here are some of the ways you can be part of this celebration:

–         Help us make our birthday cake and have some drinks for our guests,

–         Help us gather gifts (presents) for our kids for their graduation,

–         Help us gather presents (surprises) to some of our volunteers for their hard work throughout our first year of Rudi Education.

–         Etc.

Note this: All online donations starting 5$ are made here: Donations (via paypal). If this is not possible for you, email us info@rudiinternational.org (cc arsenebaguma@gmail.com) and let us know what’s in your heart for us.

Thank you so much!

Rudi Team.